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Friday, February 3, 2012


I shoot for the love of the art of photography and the joy of a beautiful picture.

I would prefer to never have to charge for photography, however, there are certain expenses that come with the job and I can't pay them all out of pocket.

My prices are very reasonable:


Portrait or Commercial Photography Sitting Fee

In studio - $99/session up to 2 hours
additional time at $39/hour

On Location in Utah - $149/session up to 2 hours additional time at $39/hour


$499 session up to 2 hours –
additional time $199/hr

$1499 for the entire day –
Preparations, ceremony, family, reception, departure.

Print Prices
4x6 starting at $3
5x7 starting at $7
8x10 starting at $10

11x14 starting at $18

There is a charge for downloading a picture to your computer.

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